Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Drag and Drop Game With html5 & javascript

In this post i am going to teach how to create a Drag & Drop Game with Html5 and javaScript. It is very easy and Quite Interesting to create so i stop talking get started
Drag and Drop Game

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html is super easy one thing to keep in mind is that the element you wanted to be draggable should be set as draggable="true"

<img src="./salman.png">
<img draggable="true" src="./shirt1.png" style="top:30px; position: absolute;z-index:5px;">
<img draggable="true" src="./shirt2.png" style="top:240px; position: absolute; left:600px;absolute;z-index:5px;">
<img draggable="true" src="./shirt3.png" style="top:240px; position: absolute;absolute;z-index:5px;"> 
<img draggable="true" src="./shirt4.png" style="top:30px; position: absolute; left: 600px;absolute;z-index:5px;">


Their is nothing in special in css just we are setting the cursor to move
    cursor: move;


The main thing is JavaScript in the file we are controlling the drag and drop events
var x = '';
var y = '';
var shirt = '';

function dragOver(e){

function dragStart(e){
 shirt = e.target;//select the shirt

 if(e.offsetX === undefined){//get the x & y of the image
  x = e.layerX;
  y = e.layerY;
  x = e.offsetX;
  y = e.layerY;

 shirt.style.zIndex = 10;//set the image above the all
 shirt.style.opacity = '0.4'; //set image opacity 40%

 //when drag end remove image opacity
 shirt.addEventListener('dragend', function(){
  shirt.style.opacity = '1';
 }, false);

function dropHandler(e){
 //postion the shirt
 shirt.style.left = e.pageX - x + 'px';
 shirt.style.top = e.pageY - y + 'px';

document.querySelector('body').addEventListener('dragstart', dragStart, false);//when drag start
document.querySelector('body').addEventListener('dragover', dragOver, false);//when drag end
document.querySelector('body').addEventListener('drop', dropHandler, false);//when the image is drop

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